All about Condensing Water Heaters

Water heating systems are now part of our everyday lives. We use them to heat water for different reasons such as bathing, cleaning, and heating homes, to mention a few.

However, these appliances consume lots of energy. For example, water heater energy consumption can make for about 17% of total home energy use, especially in older systems that use a tank to store water. Therefore, many homeowners are looking for efficient energy-saving units.

The tankless water heater system is an efficient alternative to water heaters that uses a tank to store hot water. It saves energy, takes less space, and emit fewer gas emissions, unlike its tank designed counterpart. A tankless water heater can be condensing or non-condensing units. But, condensing water heaters are even more efficient.

Efficiency and energy saving is a major factor many buyers tend to look for; therefore, the condensing unit is no doubt the perfect option to save costs, space and energy use.

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Below are the basics of condensing water heater systems.

How Condensing Water Heater Works

Condensing water heater features a heat generating system, including the burner that heats incoming water. Usually, when the heat is applied to water, part of it turns to steam and vaporize away. In condensing water heater, however, the system captures water vapor that would otherwise escape. This particular feature makes the condensing unit super effective than the non-condensing heater.

A shortcoming here is that the condensed water vapor is corrosive, acidic and can corrode the ventilation unit. That’s part of the reasons condensing units are more expensive to maintain, and maintenance should be periodic.

Aside from the maintenance cost, condensing water heater boasts cheaper ventilation materials compared to the non-condensing units. For example, the venting is usually made of plastic, which makes the operational costs to be cost-effective. When you need professional maintenance for your unit, connect with engineers at Just Water Heaters for seamless and efficient services.

What to Look for in a Condenser

Though there’re many things to look for, one of the best indicators is the Energy Star Rating. Ensure the model you’re buying meets the minimum standard for Energy Star safety, energy efficiency, hot water delivery and other requirements.

Make sure the water heater unit is also compliant with ultra-low NOx standards. Likewise, condensing water heaters that features built-in temperature controllers are ultra-efficient. 

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Professional Water Heater Installation and Upgrades

Either you intend to upgrade your water heater unit or planning for installation, efficient and durable unit should be your top priority.

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