Best AO Smith Water Heaters

It could be complicated for potential buyers to get the unit that will suit the specific needs of their household because of the vague marketing promises by some water heater manufacturers.

Therefore, Just Water Heaters has given an expert evaluation of gas, hybrid, electric, and tankless water heaters manufactured by A.O Smith, which will suit your requirements and help you achieve optimum energy efficiency.

A. O Smith (BTH-150) water heater with commercial natural gas.

This product is our top pick because of its compatibility and versatility. It could be hung on the wall to set up more floor space in your bathroom. It uses commercial natural gas water heater and could help save a lot in energy costs.

Some of its features include:

  • An integrated LCD with an intelligent control system
  • Tank protection with powered anodes to ensure longevity
  • PERMAGLAS ultra coat glass lining and 
  • A submerged combustion chamber

Buying the A. O Smith (BTH-150) water heater means that you will continuously have access to hot water at all times.

Proline standard Atmospheric Vent 50-gallon gas water heater

Manufactured with advanced hybrid technology, the Proline standard water heater has an appealing appearance and gives you the lowest operating cost as it heats water faster than you can imagine.

The 50-gallon units are specifically designed for larger families with many hot water faucets. You will enjoy some of these benefits:

  • Self-powered electronic gas control
  • Stainless steel anode rods for longer tank life
  • Built with sediment buildup diffuser.
  • Enough hot water for the family

The Voltex Hybrid 50-gallon electric water heater

Powered by electricity and arguably the easiest unit to install, A. O Smith shows they are a step ahead of the competition in the design of the Voltex Hybrid electric water heater. It heats water to your desired temperature and designed to keep working all year long.

The unit was painstakingly designed with these benefits:

  • Uses heat pump technology to save a lot of energy
  • Lowers your homes water heating costs
  • Designed with dehumidifying features to cool your space

This unit is worth the extra money upfront with three times better energy factor when compared with others.

Ultra-Low NOx indoor 199, 000 BTU natural gas tankless water heater.

A high-quality tankless water heater exclusively designed with DynaClean system that helps to reduce sediment build-up and to ensure optimum efficiency of the unit. This is a very energy efficient model that ensures you get less standby heat loss as it is designed with environment-friendly burners

Some exceptional features you will get from this unit include:

  • Unlimited hot water back-to-back
  • Designed with commercial grade copper that resists corrosion
  • LCD to conveniently change the temperature
  • Compact wall hung design to save space

As a company that delivers industry-leading water heating solutions, A. O Smith offers up to 3-year warranty on their products. You will get hot water whenever the need arises without losing energy from the tanks. With the Ultra-Low NOx indoor 199, 000 BTU natural gas tankless water heater made by A. O Smith, be assured that the water will heat very fast and you will enjoy the unit for years to come. Call Just Water Heaters if you have issues with your unit or you want fast and efficient water heater replacement or installation.