Best Water Heater Brands

The Water heater is one of the most critical components of your home that is invariably costly. Therefore, when it comes to replacing your water heater because of age or unfixable leaks, you need a unit that will provide both quality and efficiency.

To avoid getting a problematic unit, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to replace the water heater; rather you should try to research or read about the best water heaters in the market based on functionality, efficiency, and longevity.

That is why professionals at Just Water Heaters have done a rundown of the five best brands of water heaters in the market. Relax and go through this article so you won’t get a unit that could leave you in the cold anytime soon.

It's important to note that this review was done based on our experience in installing and maintaining water heaters for decades. Our list of the best water heater brands is for you to make an informed buying decision because we have selected durable, reliable and long lasting brands.

1)    Our TOP PICK is Rheem water heater

The Rheem manufacturing company is a leader in the water heating industry with a wide range of water heating systems for both residential and commercial customers. They are renowned for manufacturing reliable, durable and functional water heaters. We will concentrate on the Rheem Prestige range which is Energy Star rated and comes with a 12-year warranty.

You can get solar, gas, electric and the Rheem tankless water heaters at an affordable price. Apart from being highly functional and durable, it is designed with the EcoNet Wi-Fi Kit and smartphone app that will help you control or monitor the heating capacity of the unit.

2)    A. O. Smith water heaters

As one of the popular manufacturers of water heaters, they are known to produce high-efficient gas water heaters. They also have some hybrid, tankless and solar units and storage tanks with a very high energy efficiency rating. This brand is rated second on our list because it qualifies for tax credits of most states and also utility rebate programs.

So, if you want to save money while enjoying endless hot water in your home or office location, you can go for the Rheem or A. O Smith gas water heaters.

3)    The Kenmore water heaters

This unit made our list because it is one of the most efficient but least expensive water heaters in the market. They have different range and tank sizes that can fit your budget and interestingly, their products are sturdy and dependable. Though smartphone kit is not included in most of their products; we can have it installed for you if you are interested to have smartphone controls in your Kenmore water heaters.

4)     Bradford White Water Heater

Get more hot water with less energy when you buy water heaters from the Bradford White brand. This brand has an extensive market share because of the quality and efficiency of their products. The Bradford White Corporation only deals with authorized dealers, installers and wholesalers, so you will get the right product whenever you are ready to buy.

5)    The Rinnai water heaters

The Rinnai tankless water heater is the perfect choice for homeowners who are always in need of hot water. This is because of the energy efficiency characteristics of their products, and interestingly, they have an extensive selection of heaters.

Why you should trust our water heater review

Just Water Heaters is one of the most experienced water heater repair and installation companies in town, and we have certified installation and maintenance technicians who have been in this field for decades. We have installed a countless number of water heating units for residential and commercial users. This research is also supported by information gotten from the U.S Department of Energy Saver website and a guide from the National Insurance on water safety.

So, if you’re not yet certain on the right water heater that will be perfect for your family, you can go through this guide one more time or call professionals at Just Water Heaters for further clarification.