Common Water Heater Problems

As a pacesetter in the plumbing industry, Just Water Heaters have professionally handled most water heater problems, and the long list of our satisfied customers is evident to our superior craftsmanship, honesty, and integrity.

Therefore, we have identified the typical water heater problems you may encounter as a homeowner, so you could make an informed decision whenever you come across such issues in the future.

Our focus is on the problems of the water heater because of its importance in every household. It is used when bathing, dish cleaning, showering, and laundry. Therefore, it is good to have a pre-knowledge of the conventional water heater problems to identify when it is acting up and to know the appropriate action to take.

Below are some of the water heater problems a homeowner may encounter.

Not enough hot water

Getting too little hot water is frustrating because you will spend more time in the bathroom without having a quality shower. Usually, the problem comes from the thermostat or in rare cases when the water heater is too small. 

To solve this problem, you can increase the temperature on the tank's thermostat.

If you have the resources, you can buy a tankless water heater – it’s worth the investment and you will never run out of hot water.

No hot water

If you’re not getting hot water at all from the unit, it’s most likely the pilot light has blown out. Don’t panic, check if the pilot light is off and you can turn it on.

Assuming the problem persists, then probably, you are faced with a problematic pilot control valve or faulty thermocouple and those components should be replaced by a professional.

Call water heater plumbers at Just Water Heaters, and we will be there to give you a quick fix.

Colored water

Getting colored or rusty water from your unit is a sign that the water heater is old and can breakdown at any moment. Sometimes, the problem might come from the anode rod, and it should be replaced for the unit to function efficiently.

Smelly water

This is another common problem of old water heater, and it indicates that the tank has been infected by bacteria. You can handle this without inviting a pro.

Put off the unit from the control and flush it several. You should also add hydrogen peroxide and allow it to stay for some time.

This should solve the problem. However, you can call a professional if the issue persists.

Leaky water heater

Some homeowners complain that their water heater is leaking when the unit is producing condensation. Therefore, you need to know if the unit is leaking and call a professional for repairs.

Leaky water heater does not mean the unit must be replaced because the problem might be from a loose valve. However, if the leakage is because of a corroded tank, you should consider replacing the water heater.

The water heater is one of the pricey items in your plumbing system, and you should be very careful when handling issues about it.

Save valuable time and eliminate guesswork by leveraging on the expertise of plumbers from Just Water Heaters. You'll work directly with an experienced troubleshooter that will identify the problem and proffer a solution that caters to your specific water heating needs.