Do you need a thermal expansion tank for your water heater?

The water in the water heating unit expands when heated up thereby generating excess pressure that is trapped in the plumbing system. If this continues for a long time, the excess pressure can have an adverse effect on your supply lines, fixtures and other parts of the plumbing system.

This is why experts recommend the installation of a thermal expansion tank which is a safety device to reduce or eliminate pressure damage to your plumbing system. The thermal expansion tank is designed to absorb the excess pressure generated by the water heating process in your water heater as well as the excess water volume.

The installation of the thermal expansion tank is the best thing to do to ensure the longevity of your water heater and plumbing system. As a matter of fact, the cold water in a unit that is 50 gallons capacity could expand to 52 – 53 gallons when heated and that excess should be controlled or directed to a safe tank.

Therefore, if you do not want to cause damages to your water pipes, plumbing system and the water heater, why not call professional plumbers at Just Water Heaters for thermal expansion tank installation in your residential and commercial properties.

So, do you need a thermal expansion tank for your water heater?

If you have a tank based water heater in your home or business location that is installed through a ‘closed-loop system’ then, it is recommended that you should install a thermal expansion tank to safeguard your unit.

We recommend the installation of the thermal expansion to help your water heater last longer because the wear and tear caused by the excess pressure coming from the water heating process could damage your plumbing system as well as the water heater.

What size of the expansion tank will be perfect for your water heater?

There are some factors that determine the size of the thermal expansion tank that will suit your water heater. These factors include:

  • The size of the water heater
  • The water pressure in your system
  • And the frequency of hot water usage in your home or commercial facility

With the proper understanding and consideration of the three above mentioned factors, you could determine the right size of the thermal expansion tank for your water heater.

Also, you could check out the installation manual of your water heater to determine the right size of the thermal expansion tank that should be installed.

Our experts could be of help in recommending the right size of thermal expansion tank you’ll need. Give us a call, and a professional plumber will help you determine the size and also recommend most efficient and affordable products in the market.

Call experts at Just Water Heaters for thermal expansion tank installation

We have experienced and fully licensed plumbers who will take care of your thermal expansion tank installation. Our plumbers will take care of everything needed for a perfect installation, and we will follow up to ensure that both your water heater and the expansion tank are working correctly.

You will get the top quality service you deserve because we are dedicated to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Before your water heater gets damaged, you need to schedule an appointment with our experts for water heater inspection, and you will get a free estimate for all our services.