Electric vs. Gas Water Heater

Electric vs. Gas Water Heater

Are you planning a home remodeling project and you wanted to change your water heater? Perhaps, the unit is not functioning properly; it’s old and you’re faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to get an electric or gas water heater.

Then, all your concerns are addressed in this article by Just Water Heaters, and we promise that you will make an informed decision after going through it.

The question which confronts every homeowner when it is time to get a new water heater is; ‘electric or gas water heater - which is better in terms of energy savings, efficiency and longevity?

Now, let’s answer the question by analyzing some of the factors to consider:

The electric water heater

Cost efficiency

The price electric water heater is cheaper when compared to gas units. If you’re working on a budget, it is advisable to go for the electric water heater because when it comes to upfront cost, the gas water heater is more expensive.


Some people prefer using an electric water heater because it is safer. They don’t have combustible by-products, and you will not run the risk of gas leakages and explosion.

Young families purchase the electric water heater because you may never know what the kids are up to.

Easy to install and maintain

The electric water heater is easier to install and maintain. Additionally, they don’t lose heat through venting and they are more efficient.

The gas water heater

Energy efficiency and savings

The operational cost of the gas water heater is typically lesser when compared to electric units. This is because gas is cheaper and electric water heater contributes up to 20% of your utility bill (depending on usage).

As a matter of fact, natural gas is readily available and typically less expensive than electricity. So, if you want to maximize hot water usage and energy savings in the long run, buy the gas water heater.

Works under power outage

Those with gas water heaters can enjoy uninterrupted hot water all-year-round. Electricity can trip off, and you can experience a power outage at any time.

But with the gas water heater, hot water is always available.

Rapid water heating capability

The gas units heat water rapidly than electric water heaters. If you have frequent demand for hot water, the gas units are preferable.

In a nutshell, if you want more energy efficient unit and you have frequent demand for hot water, then go for the gas water heater. However, if you consider the safety of members of your household and you can’t afford to pay upfront costs, then the electric heater will be a perfect choice.

Hopefully, you’ve got an idea of the type of water heater that will fit your need. In case you want more insight on the right choice to make, you can call Just Water Heaters.

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