4 Common Myths about Tankless Water Heaters

There are certain myths about tankless water heaters that must be debunked, and you need to be aware of this just before you replace your water heater. The ideal water heater does not occupy much space; hence it is convenient while providing an endless supply of hot water. These are just a few of the benefits people consider when they want to exchange their traditional water heaters with tankless water heaters. According to Just Water Heaters, some of the most important myths about tankless water heaters homeowners must pay attention to, are;

Myth #1: Tankless water heaters are simply plugged and play 

Tankless water heaters are not as simple as just plug and start using appliance. Gas water heaters are not designed with tankless retrofit options in mind, hence your gas piping, gas meter, and the gas line may not be fitted effectively to handle the gas loads when you replace conventional electric water heater with the tankless water heater. In addition to this, the vent exhaust of most traditional water heaters is completely different from those of tankless water heaters. It is important to have a well-guided thought on expectations on the performance of a tankless water heater as well as the safety hazards associated. 

Myth #2: Hot water is delivered faster in tankless water heaters

In actual sense, the replacement of “instant” with “tankless” does not mean a tankless water heater will deliver hot water faster into your faucets. If the hot water takes a while to be delivered to your faucets, then the underlying problem must be resolved to speed up the time to deliver the hot water. Some brands of tankless water heater will deliver hot water faster once they sense an increase in water flow, and in some cases, tankless water heaters may be installed far away from the usual place where traditional electric water heaters are located- this can also down the delivery of hot water too. For this reason, the distance between the location of the tankless water heater and faucets will determine the speed of flow. 

Myth #3: All tankless water heaters are the same

Tankless water heaters have evolved over the years; hence they have become more reliable, very easy to install, and cost-effective but some brands are much better than others especially for the same or different applications. While some brands have poor product support, some come with excellent product support to keep the appliance and installation costs lower. Some brands may even require higher maintenance cost than others, and when you accept poor installation, you will get poor performance. Contact Just Water Heaters for a professional installation of tankless water heaters for enhanced performance. 

Myth #4: Replacing my tankless water heater do not require inspection or a permit

Not all local regions will require inspections or permit before changing a tankless water heater. It is therefore important that you contact local authorities before changing your tankless water heater. You may also want to contact Just Water Heaters for the necessary regulations on the installation and replacement of a tankless water heater.