How Do Faucets Control the Temperature of Water?

How Do Faucets Control the Temperature of Water?

This question lingers in the minds of most people. How is it possible for a simple faucet to control water temperature and allow a wide range as per one’s preference? A good starting point to answering this question would be a reminder that the plumbing system in your house has separate pressurized cold and hot water lines.  Most modern home plumbing systems maintain an average pressure of 60 pounds per square inch. The hot water comes from a water heater. Water heaters are an essential component of the house.

It is therefore important that you carefully choose your water heater installers. Our company, Just Water Heaters, brings together a group of experienced and dedicated water heater installers. If you hire us, you can rest assured that we will install a durable water system promptly and to your satisfaction. We also do water heater repair. Hiring the wrong company is likely to incur more expenses due to damage to the system or inappropriate repairs that will allow the underlying problem to fester.

Types of Faucets

Throughout your house, you will find several faucets including the kitchen faucet and faucets in the bathrooms. The faucets come in numerous designs for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Some have two handles, one for cold water and one for hot water, while others have only one handle that you turn clockwise or counter-clockwise to control the temperature. In order to avoid confusion, most manufacturers color code hot water handles as red, while cold water handles are color coded blue. The labels H for hot water and C for cold water are also commonly used. Building code regulations may also require the hot tap to be on the left and the cold tap on the right. To turn off a faucet, the handles are rotated to the point where a stopper shuts water flow. In order for water to flow again, the handle must be turned in the opposite direction to open the stopper.

Faucets receive water from two lines, one hot and the other cold. The temperature of the hot water system can be controlled by changing settings of the water heater. We, Just Water Heaters, install modern top-of-the-range water heaters. They give you control so that you do not incur unnecessary electricity and water bills. Different faucet designs employ various combinations of valve-like devices, such as single handle mixers, mixer taps, temperature control valves, and thermostatic mixing valves, to regulate the water temperature and ensure the water flowing out of the spigot is at your desired temperature.

For faucets with two handles, turning the cold-water handle only will allow cold water to flow. Likewise, turning the hot water handle only will give you hot water. Turning both handles to different degrees allows (for faucets with one-handle faucet, turning it partially) the water from both water lines to mix thus you are able to determine the temperature of the water flowing out of the spigot.

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