How Much Water Do We Use a Day?

Ever wondered about the average household water consumption per person? Though there isn’t a fixed answer, because there is a lot of difference in the average daily use between countries and regions of the world. 

Records from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicate that the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water per day. And in drier parts like the arid Wests, the figures will be extremely high because of increasing per capita use.

However, the demand for water keeps increasing due to population growth, while its supply remains constant. Water is used for different purposes from pumping stations designed to supply water to our taps to fire-fighting, canals, swimming pools, and for domestic needs.

Source of Household Water Use

The largest percentage of home water use comes primarily from toilet flushes, followed by showers, baths, and other activities that require running the tap. Additionally, the invention of water heating systems such as water heater has made it easier to use water anyhow. For example, many now spend more time during hot showers and baths.

That’s why you need to be running on an efficient water heater and the latest fixtures that reduce the flow rate of water. This helps you save on water heating costs and reduce the rate at which water gushes out of fixtures.

Tankless water heaters are recommended because they use less energy. Furthermore, the traditional showers use 5 gallons per minute while newer, low-flow models dispense as little as 1.5 gallons per minute. In fact, federal and local regulations have placed limits on the gallons your faucet and other fixtures can dispense per minute.

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Below are a couple of activities driving up daily household water consumption.

Drinking and Cooking

Many health experts advise sipping on water throughout the day while health authorities recommend 8-ounce glasses or half a gallon per day. Depending on your daily food consumption, you could be using more than a gallon for cooking. This excludes water used in making the candies, processed foods, and beverages from your favorite shop.

Hand Washing and Hygiene

Are you among those who wash their hands throughout the day? An old faucet can dispense 5 gallons of water per minute or 2 gallons per minute in newer units. Suppose you’re washing your hand 5 minutes on average per day, then you’ll be consuming either 25 or 10 gallons of water.


Depending on the dishwasher’s efficiency, you can use between 4 to 10 gallons of water per session. Hand washing dishes can even cost more. That’s why it’s essential to have an efficient dishwasher that can save on water and energy costs.

Control your Water Use

The type of water used (hot or cold) and the dispensing medium plays a crucial role in water conservation.

Many tend to use more hot water for activities such as washing, showering, baths, washing, and more. Also, homeowners running on an old faucet, showerheads, and other old-modeled water dispensing fixtures could be using more water. 

Therefore, it’s vital to have modern systems and units that dispense less water to save on water. Besides, using new and modern water heating systems will help reduce the energy required to heat water so you can save money. For installation or upgrades to efficient water systems, connect with professionals at Just Water Heaters for prompt and reliable services.  Electrician Houston