How Often Should You Drain Your Water Heater?

Surely, you’ll have access to endless hot water when your water heater is installed properly with the right temperature and pressure settings by plumbing experts at Just Water Heaters. And because the water heater is functioning efficiently, most homeowners forget that it needs occasional maintenance or flushing.

However, it may interest you to know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 18,000 people are hospitalized each year with Legionnaires’ disease (This is responsible for the most cases of waterborne disease and deaths, and it can be gotten from sediment filled units)

The truth is that the accumulation of sediments, sludge, and minerals take time to manifest at the bottom of your unit, but homeowners should not wait for years before contacting professionals for water heater flushing. As a matter of fact, there shouldn’t be any excuse for not maintaining your water heater to ensure it keeps functioning at optimum capacity.

Then, how often should you drain your water heater?

There are three basic factors that determine how often the water heater should be flushed and they are:

The size of the tank

If the water heater in your house has a large tank and the number of users is few, the unit will be functional for a longer time before you could think of draining it. However, water heaters with smaller tanks get saturated with sediments in a shorter time, so you’ll likely flush it frequently.

The frequency of usage 

In case, the members of your household depend on hot water to accomplish ordinary chores (during and after the winter season), then the possibility of frequent water heater tank flushing will be high.

Water quality

The quality of water that enters your home or business location will also determine the frequency of water heater draining. If your municipal water has high sediment content or you notice that the water quality is poor, you need to first report to the concerned authorities. Secondly, you can install home filtration devises to ensure you safeguard every member of your family from water-borne disease. Then, you need to call professionals at Just Water Heaters to schedule a water heater replacement or routine water heater maintenance program.

You can follow our recommended guide in draining or maintaining your water heater

  • It is good to drain your water heater once every 12 months for a household with three members (the husband, wife, and kid)
  • A five-member household: you need to drain your water heater every eight months and make sure a professional inspect it every quarter.
  • A household with six members or more; a pro from Just Water Heaters should be contacted every three months for water heater inspection and ensure that the unit is drained once in 6 months.

Bottom line

Pathogen and waterborne disease are on the increase because homeowners fail in their responsibility to regularly flush or maintain their water heaters. More so, energy conservation is another that is causing water borne diseases. 

Therefore, the water heater should be flushed regularly to get quality water and to prolong the heaters life.

If water heater sludge has accumulated at the bottom of your tank and the quality of water is poor, you need an experienced plumber from Just Water Heaters for water heater flushing.