How Tankless Water Heaters Invented?

The idea of a water heater is many, many centuries years old and the invention has come a long way with tankless water heaters and solar water heaters now becoming increasingly popular. Our company, Just Water Heaters, specializes in all things water heaters – as you might have guessed. We offer water heater repairs, replacements, and installations in Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and more. But we are also committed to sharing information. This article will explore the history of water heaters and how we got to where we are today. If you have any questions about your water heater or need service or repair, then do not hesitate to call Just Water Heaters today.

History of Water Heaters

Like many human inventions, water heaters of different sorts have been used throughout history without a definitive start date. Technically, a fire or stove underneath a cauldron or bath is a water heater, and that is basically how water heaters worked way back in the day. However, the modern version of the water heater started back in 1868.

In 1868, a painter by the name of Benjamin Waddy invented the “geyser.” This instantaneous domestic water heater used hot gas to heat water flowing through pipes in the contraption. Because there was no ventilation system, however, the “geyser” was extremely dangerous for home usage since it could leak carbon monoxide.

The next breakthrough came a couple of decades later when Edwin Ruud built upon Benjamin Waddy’s invention by patching some of the security concerns. Ruud’s water heater came with a flue to vent excess gas used for heating the water. This made way for storage water heating’s boom in domestic usage.

Improvements did not stop with Ruud’s addition of the flue. Stiebel-Eltron patented the tankless water heater in 1929. The coil immersion water heater made it possible to heat water “on demand.” There was no longer a need for a massive tank to hold a reservoir of heated water.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tankless Water Heaters

In today’s world, you have plenty of options when it comes to water heaters, but the options mostly boil down the tankless or storage tank water heaters. We have broken down the benefits and disadvantages of tankless water heaters here so that you can make an educated decision on your choice. 

Tankless water heaters are great because:

  • Tankless water heaters are far more energy efficient and save money in the long-term.
  • They last almost twice as long as tank water heaters.
  • Needless to say, they take up much less space than tank water heaters.
  • They provide unlimited hot water since water is heated as it comes as opposed to the tank’s “batch” method.
  • However, tankless water heaters are not perfect:
  • Their initial cost of installation is higher.
  • You need to calculate expected usage accurately lest you experience output challenges.

Call the Professionals

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