How to Double the Life of My Water Heater

How to Double the Life of My Water Heater

It has been established that most people fail to renovate and maintain appliances at homes, such as water heaters. Failure to repair such appliances results in a significant increase in your home's overall energy bills and energy costs. For instance, water heater installers estimate that approximately 18% of the monthly energy bills at your home are due to water heating. You should note that such a figure could increase if you fail to carry out routine maintenance. 
According to Just Water Heaters, the optimal routine maintenance should occur at least twice annually to avoid the high cost of water heater repair or replacement. Our water heater installers and repairs have prepared the following guide to assist you to increase the lifespan of your water heater:

Routine Check

Frequent checks and maintenance of your water heater will increase its lifespan significantly. Such a notion is true for most devices you use at home because manufacturers do not design them to function for eternity. For your water heater to function optimally and offer smooth service all year long, it needs regular maintenance. The latter includes assessing for signs of sediment build-up, leaks, cracks on the system, and damage.
You should know that early detection of heating problems reduces the overall cost of the water heater repair and monthly energy bills. Moreover, ignoring a water leak or other damages could predispose your home to flood and damage your belongings, such as the carpet and electric devices. You can fix a leaking water heater by simple actions like tightening a loose pipe or replacing the leaky pipe. However, when the water tank leaks, it would be best to contact us at Just Water Heaters to replace the entire system.

Flush the Water Tank

Typically, storage tanks hold water throughout the year and accumulate dirt, dust, and other particles. It would help if you drained the storage tank at least twice annually. Use a container to collect the drained water to check for its color. If the water is orange, it means the water might be muddy, and there is a possible accumulation of dirt in the storage tank. Without any intervention, the dirt might damage the water heater. In such a situation, you should reach us at Just Water Heaters to send a professional to clean your water heater and storage tank. A proper cleanup will ensure your water heater operates at maximum capacity.  

Install a Water Softener

Since some regions might have hard water, it would be safe to install a new water softener to sieve out the high mineral content. Typically, if you do not sieve the water, you might reduce the lifespan of the water heater tank due to the accumulation of minerals.

Check the Gas Lines

Although new technology continues to be discovered in water heaters, many homes still have old and outdated gas water heaters with storage tanks. We recommend conducting routine gas line inspections to identify cracks and corrosion in the pipe system and tank. Once you identify a gas leak, call us at Just Water Heaters for an emergency water heater repair.
If you are searching for water heater installers, you should contact us at Just Water Heaters for quick and dependable services. We have a customer support unit on standby 24 hours a day to schedule maintenance or a water heater repair.