How to Improve Water Heater

It’s lovely having a water heater in your home because it makes life comfortable especially during the winter months. They are mostly safe and reliable when installed by a certified company like Just Water Heaters. Call us now to schedule maintenance of water heater repair in your area.

However, homeowners should consider the consequences of wrong installation or negligence of the unit that may result in leaking or exploding water heaters. Aging water heaters could release deadly chemicals and cause skin scalding burns when they are not properly maintained or not installed properly.

Therefore, homeowners should increase household safety by ensuring that their units are regularly maintained or they may upgrade to a new appliance.

Here’s a closer look at common dangers of the water heater and safety steps the homeowner should take to improve it.

Carbon monoxide leakage

Gas powered water heaters release significantly low carbon monoxide (CO) into the atmosphere through the vent which is not hazardous to our health.

However, if there are issues with the vent the direction of the Carbon monoxide may change and as a result, the members of your household may start experiencing dizziness, headache, weakness and other life-threatening illnesses.

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. Therefore, homeowners should ensure that their hot water heaters are regularly maintained. You can call experts at Just Water Heaters to take advantage of our customized water heater maintenance plan.

Bacteria contamination

The water heater can turn to a breeding ground for different types of bacteria if not cleaned or maintained regularly. Cleaning the water heater is recommended because they tend to be a vast depository of bacteria and additionally, the tank water heaters provide a warm and humid environment for bacteria to reproduce.

If you do not clean your unit for a long time, chances is that you might be using contaminated water for your daily chores and that will make you vulnerable to severe skin infections and other diseases. Homeowners using a tank based water heater should always keep the temperature at about 120 to 140℉. At high temperatures, bacterial growth is inhibited. However, the hot water may cause skin burn.

To avoid skin scalding or bacteria-rich water from the unit, call professionals at Just Water Heaters for water heater maintenance and the service will be delivered the same day.

If you store inflammable items like gasoline, paint, clothes, dust, and paper near your heaters combustion chambers, the fire could be triggered.

About 800 residential fire has occurred due to flash backfires from the water heaters as reported by the CPSC.

The solution is to prevent such incident by getting a water heater with the FVIR system. This prevents the emission of vapors from the chamber to keep your loved ones safe.

Water heater explosion

Though this happens in rare cases, when it does, it's catastrophic. Water heater explosion mostly occurs to old units that are rarely maintained. It occurs to heaters that have pressure problems and a professional can easily dictate that.

If your unit is old and you cannot afford to upgrade to newer models, then you need to subscribe to a maintenance routine by professionals at Just Water Heaters. We will identify potential problems with your unit and fix it before it becomes worse.