How to Reduce Hot Water Use for Energy Savings

It’s always a challenge for homeowners that want to reduce the cost associated with hot water usage, and it seems the solution is not coming forth anytime soon. 

Therefore, since the demand or use of hot water takes a big chunk from the household electricity bills, it is then paramount that we reconsider our habits, actions and frequency of water usage to reduce the energy costs.

Here are some of the tips by Just Water Heaters that will help adjust your hot water usage pattern, not only during the winter months but all year round.

Reduce shower time!

Though we cannot cheat or manipulate mother nature, we can change some of our habits. Some people take a long hot shower during the winter months without considering the impact it will have on the household’s monthly bills.

Have a brief discussion with members of your household (for large families), access current usage habit of each person and educate them on the need to take short showers instead of baths. Also let them know the advantages of being more conservative with the use of hot water so that they should stop leaving the hot water running while dishwashing, shampooing, soaping or shaving

For homeowners that use huge jetted bathtubs, they should consider ignoring it and rather take short showers. Another way to achieve this is to time every shower – like a maximum of 5 minutes per shower. No doubt, a warm bath, during the winter months is somehow a luxury but don’t spend too long in the shower because of the fun of it; your wallet may start bleeding!

Lower the temperature of your water heater

It is not a bad idea to lower the temperature of your water heater if you’re concerned about hot water usage costs. Doing this will help you avoid scourge on the kids and elderly in addition to significant savings on your heating costs. 

Install water-saving plumbing fixtures

It’s well worth considering replacing old plumbing fixtures on your home with low flow models like shower heads and faucets. Low flow plumbing fixtures are cheap in the hardware shops, and interestingly, they could help you to save up to 30% in energy costs in the long run.

Fix the leaks in your plumbing system

Water leaks may be neglected by some homeowners, but could you imagine that leak of one drip per second can cost up to $1 per month?

Unknowingly, you will spend a lot for procrastinating the repair of the leaks in your plumbing system, but you can call experts at Just Water Heaters to evaluate the system and fix all the leaks.

Use cold water to wash clothes

Using hot water to wash those sensitive clothes during winter months can be great, but it could increase your monthly energy bill. Use the washing machine frequently during the winter months, and after that season, you should always wash with cold water.

Check the efficiency of the hot water system in your property

For homeowners, the most affordable and effective course of action is to determine the efficiency of their hot water system.

Leaks, inefficiency, and age of your plumbing system might be the cause of the increased energy bills. Therefore, let professionals at Just Water Heaters help you maintain the plumbing fixtures, reduce flow, water heater replacement, and fit pressure limiting valve wherever possible to conserve hot water.