How to Save Money on Water Heater Usage?

Water heating bills can amount to a reasonable percentage of the total energy bill. This is especially the case for homeowners using older water heating systems. Worst case scenario, many tend to use hot water anyhow without considering the cost implications.

Since water heater systems cannot be easily cut off our everyday lives, it’s best to look for ways to beat down their running costs. This could mean revisiting your poor water usage habits, making system replacements, or seek professional help from a dependable service provider.

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Below are some tips, professional suggestions, and changes you can make to reduce your hot water use as well as save some money.

Change Your Water Usage Habits

Start by reducing the amount of water you use. Shut the tap while trying to grab dirty dishes, brushing, or reaching for the soap. These extra minutes might seem little but can add up to a lot of wasted water.

Also, try to use more of chilly water instead of hot or warm water during laundry. Cold water is usually suitable for many laundry loads; therefore, try to use cold water, especially during the rinse cycle. This will help you reduce the gas or electric energy required to make hot water.

Showers Instead of Baths

Hot showers can help save energy and cost compared with warm baths. Usually, showers don’t take much time, but baths can take a pretty good chunk. For example, the time it takes to soap up, shampoo, or shave can result in additional water demands.

Also, try to reduce your bathroom use time to save some money when running on hot water. It’s recommended you turn off the water when you’re shaving, shampooing or soaping up.

These tips can seem commonplace but will save costs in the long run, especially if you’re fond of using water anyhow.

Fix Leaks

Leaking water tank or plumbing fixtures such as faucet can waste your water and cost you more energy on your water heater usage. Let’s do the math. Slow leaks can produce 60 drips per minute and 3,153 gallons of water per year. Now, you can calculate the costs.

Suppose those wasted water are spent on baths, showers or dishwashing, you would have saved a decent amount of money.

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Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances

The energy required to heat water in older dishwashers and clothes washers is relatively high compared to modern systems. When you are buying a washer, look for the EnergyGuide label to see the energy usage of the build.

However, the information provided by the EnergyGuide can be technically misleading. For example, there are two categories of dishwashers, namely compact and standard capacity. Though the compact system is more energy-efficient, it can only contain fewer dishes at a time, which can mean more hot water use for larger washes.

Learn More About Water Energy Savings

It’s vital to know your water usage and needs. Knowing this will help you reduce your water use where necessary.

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