How to Select the Right Water Heater Size

A water heater is one of the most critical appliances in every home. Therefore, it is vital that you get a suitably sized unit that can meet your family’s hot water needs. If not, you might be frustrated in the middle of the night or early in the morning while preparing for work.

However, some water heaters are problematic because they are overused by the homeowners who couldn’t determine the right size during installation. In some instances, families use the same unit that was installed ten years ago while the number of inhabitants has increased.

If your water heater is on its last legs and you’ve been experiencing some problems with the unit, this is the right time for an upgrade. Call professionals at Just Water Heaters to suggest the right size of water heater that will be perfect for your family or schedule water heater installation.

That being said, read through this article to understand how to select the right water heater size for your home.

There are three basic factors to be considered when you want to buy or replace your current water heating unit.

Household size

You need to determine the household size, vis-à-vis the possible number of people that might be accommodated in the foreseeable future.

Do you have a large family or you’re just a newly married couple? Are you staying in a small condo and what is the size and occupancy of your household?

The designated space for the unit

You need to consider how big is the bathroom and the size of the unit before making your choice.

The fuel source

The fuel source for your water heater is very important when determining the size of the preferred unit. Natural gas is cheaper as a fuel source than electricity.

How to determine the right size for a storage tank water heater

The water heater’s first-hour rating and the tank capacity are the critical considerations when you want to determine the right size of the water heater for your family. The first-hour rating is the number of gallons of hot water which the unit can supply per hour.

Another factor that will help you get the right size water heater is to know your peak hour demand.

In a nutshell, the below recommendations will help you determine the right size of tank water heater for your family.

  • A couple without kids will need a water heater with at least 30-gallon capacity
  • The 40-gallon capacity water heater will be just fine for a family of three.
  • If the number of persons in your household is 4, we will recommend a 50-gallon capacity tank water heater (preferably electric)
  • Any household with 5 or more members should plan to get an 80-gallon (electric) water heater. If you prefer natural gas or liquid propane as your fuel source, then buy a 50-gallon unit.

The right size tankless water heater

When it comes to the tankless water heater, size and capacity is never important; rather you need to consider two factors:

  • The flow rate and
  • Temperature rise

You will have to do a little calculation using the flow rates of all the appliances in your home and also determine the temperature rise.

However, you should pass through the rigorous process of getting the flow rate and temperature rise of your potential water heater when experts at Just Water Heaters can help you. Call us today and get expert advice on the tankless unit that will be perfect for your home