No Hot Water, What Should I Do?

On-demand hot water supply is a must-have for every homeowner, especially during cold seasons. When you need hot water and nothing comes out from the unit, it gets frustrating. Nothing hurts than using cold or lukewarm water for a bath or shower when you’ve got a system in place.

At Just Water Heaters, we’ll be glad to help when you’re having issues with your water heater and can’t figure out what’s wrong. One of our trained engineers will arrive at your location to rectify the issue. Call us now to schedule water heater repair, replacement or installation services in your area.

Having a problem with your heater? Below are some diagnostic steps you can take. 

Breaker and Thermostat

For electric water heater, start troubleshooting by checking if the breaker has been tripped. You’ll find the water heater breaker in a dedicated electrical circuit box. If tripped, turn off and on again to reset. In the case of reoccurrence, you’ll need to involve the service of an experienced specialist or electrician to help you out.

Water heater thermostat could be at fault as well. The upper and lower thermostat must be working simultaneously for desirable hotness. In a condition whereby the upper thermostat works but the lower didn’t, you may get lukewarm water. A specialist will help you replace the faulty thermostat.

Now let’s see what to do suppose you’ve got a gas heater.

Gas Supply and Pilot Issues

Please know that extra-care is required when dealing with gas units. Only troubleshoot a gas-powered water heating system if you are comfortable with your skills. Otherwise, you can request our professional help, and a trained assistant from Just Water Heaters will visit to assist you.

When gas is not reaching the pilot light or burner, your water heater may misbehave. Ensure the gas is not closed. Else, make sure the valve is open and relight the pilot light. The pilot light is one of the common yet simple to fix issues you may encounter with your heating unit.

Besides, water heater tends to be different. Make sure to follow the safety pilot lighting instruction on the water heater, especially on older style gas units. You won’t need a flame for newer gas water heaters as they have an inbuilt igniter.

Having touched some problems associated with electric and gas powered heaters, here are some general water heating issues you may bump into.

Faulty Components

When reset button trips, you’ll experience the “water not hot” situation. After you’ve reset the unit but still experience constant resetting, your component may need replacement.

Also, water leak can cause problems through “loopholes” within the components. This can easily be rectified by tightening. But in case of a tank leak, replacement must be installed to ensure water reaches the required heater temperature as well as warding off possible hazards.

We fix every conceivable heater problem

Some water heating problems can go beyond a do-it-yourself thing. If that is the case, our trained, on-site specialist can diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable solution. Depending on how fast you want things fixed, we can provide prompt and quality fix for any water heater system.

At Just Water Heaters, our years of exceptional service and customer satisfaction speak for us. Be assured of getting a quality service.

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