Problems with Older Water Heaters

A traditional-storage type water heater works like a clock without issues from the time of installation to the eighth or twelfth year. With time it starts to become unnecessarily problematic showing signs that it needs to be replaced. Do not neglect such signs because dysfunctional water heaters can pose a threat to the health and safety of a whole household.

If you notice frequent problems with a water heater that has lasted up to eight to twelve years, you should consider getting a new unit. It makes more sense to buy a new water heater when the unit in your house is old than to keep repairing it in a bid to save cost.

Here are some of the signs that your water heater is due for replacement. In case you’re ready to replace your old water heater. Call Just Water Heaters to get swift and optimum water heater installation service.

Malfunctioning heating system

You can experience frequent temperature fluctuations and other signs to show that your water heater has become old. Such signs can also be a result of irregular maintenance of the system. The heating system of the unit like the thermostat or thermal switch may stop functioning because it's too old.

The thermostat could suddenly develop problems that can lead you to make an unnecessary off-the-pocket expenditure. If you want to diagnose the problem or you’re searching for expert recommendation, you can call professionals at Just Water Heaters. 

Sediment buildup in the tank

Sediment buildup in the water heater tank indicates that the unit has gotten older than its usefulness. This also results in the water's temperature, not being enough for your satisfaction.

There are insignificant debris or dissolved minerals that enter with the cold water to be heated, but with time, it begins to build up and to cause the water heater to be less effective at heating your water. 

Water leakage

Leaky water heaters are mostly caused by age and corrosion in the storage tank. If this happens when the warranty of the unit is still valid, the manufacturers will give you a new water heater. But if you notice leakages in your water heater after some years of usage, you need to replace the unit as soon as possible.

Neglecting the water leakages in your unit could contribute to an increase in energy bills as well as other health hazards.

Discharge of rusty water

If you notice rusty water coming out whenever you turn on the old unit, it is a tale-tell sign that the water heater has become too old. You could drain the unit to make sure the colored water is not from your pipe or the faucet.

But if the problem persists, then consider changing the unit.

Rumbling noise from the water heater

Hearing rumbling sound from the unit indicates that the water heater has sediment build up inside the tank and that could affect the heating efficiency of the unit. Flushing the water heater could give you a temporary solution, but it is recommended that you change it entirely

If you keep using the outdated water heater, you will keep spending more on energy bills because the unit expands more energy to keep your water hot.

Let Just Water Heaters help you install water heater unit that will be more efficient, easier to maintain, and could help you save time and money.