Recommended Water Heater Habits

If you always think about your water, you can avoid water problems easily. Shortage of hot water is usually the first reason most people notice before they hire a plumber. The following tips are some of the things you can do to reduce the risk of common hot water heater problems, and you can contact Just Water Heaters in case your hot water heater has developed a problem already.

Know your type of water heater and where it is located 

Make sure you have clear access to the location of your water heater. This is particularly important if the appliance is installed in the basement or attic, hence it is easy to forget about it until you run out of hot water. 

Knowing the type of hot water, you have is equally important. The hot water could be powered by natural gas, Propane, electric or Solar. You need to know also the water storage tank of the water heater and write down the model number. Having a tankless water heater may be an alternative for most homes and Just Water Heaters provide the most efficient brands. Writing down information on your water heater (including the age and gallon capacity) can be very crucial for warranty reasons. 

Understand how to turn off the power source of your water heater

Once you understand the type of water heater unit you possess, you need to understand how to turn off the electricity or gas supply to the appliance. If you have a gas water heater, then, a disconnect switch or gas valve must be located some feet away to the water heater (it is important that you understand how to switch off main gas valve, for safety reasons). If you require a special tool to turn off the water heater, then, keep such tools nearby. If you notice water leaks near the water heater, don’t panic, just contact Just Water Heaters for help. 

Be aware of the location of the main water shut off valve to your water heater

In case the main water shut off to the water tank is difficult to reach, you can get a stepladder near the area, to facilitate your access to the shut-off. In case you need a special tool to turn on the main water supply, keep such tools very close. 

Ensure the area near the water heater is very clear

Do not store items, especially dangerous tools near your water heater in order to avoid serious accidents. If you use a gas water heater, for instance, the burner requires enough Oxygen to fire it and if there are tools hindering the flow of Oxygen, then there may be an explosion. 

Contact Just Water Heaters for regular inspection

Perhaps, one of the most important habit to protect your water heater is to schedule a regular inspection. Just Water Heaters offers certified and insured water heater technicians who conduct maintenance services to prolong the life expectancy and energy efficiency of water heaters. Contact us today for your emergency and regular water heater repair and installation and we guaranty 100% success!