Kevin Allright

Such a positive experience with Just Water Heaters! Steve was courteous and efficient. He took care of our water heater problem quickly and we couldn’t be happier! My family and I would recommend Best to anyone with any hot water heater service needs!

Kelsey Campbell

Mike was very polite and courteous! He arrived earlier than expected and explained what he was going to do and how much before starting to replace the hot water heater tank. He replaced the whole tank without any issue and left no mess behind. He cleaned up the whole area after the fixing completed. We will definitely be using Just Water Heaters again!

Elizabeth Simpson

Brian did an excellent job fixing our tankless water heater. They were so quick, kind, and efficient. They did amazing, quality work and they were so nice and professional. We had heating issue when we called them. We didn't have any hot water which was the main issue. Their technician Brian was knowledgable and knew what he was doing. He fixed it properly and made sure we have hot  water. We are so happy to have hot water in our home again and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Jennifer Delbridge

I was very pleased with the services I received from Just Water Heaters team.  Water Heater Repairman showed up on time and was able to fix the tank quickly. I had leak issue with the tank before I called them. We never had any leaking since after the repair.

Sophie Gillins

Very trustworthy hot water heater installation company in Atlanta area. Great and friendly plumbers.  Keep up with the reliable water heater services.

Carl Hollingsworth

Scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Customer Service called to left me know plumber in route. Met plumber at home. Plumber pointed out missing parts of system that had caused my previous water heater to fail. Replaced water heater and brought system up to code. Plumber was knowledgable, explained what he was doing, presented options, and completed job Saturday afternoon. Even with additional work required to bring system up to code price seemed great. My neighbor tells me, he was charged much more by his plumber for similar upgrades. Excellent work for an excellent price.

James Alan

came across Just Water Heaters when I was searching for reliable plumber to replace our old water heater tank. Plumber showed up on time and was able to replace the whole water heater tank in couple hours. They also offered free installation with the tank I purchased from them. Great service received. I would recommend them anyone looking to get water heater repaired or replaced.

Matthew Iceberg

Just Water Heaters one of the trusted water heater company in Atlanta area. Their technician and scheduling staff are very professional and polite. Would recommend them for sure anyone needs water heater installation or any other services they do provide.

John Riley

Reliable water heater installation company. I would recommend them anyone needs water heater service.