Rinnai Boilers Buying Guide

When it comes to high performance and ultra-efficiency, none of the brands in the heating industry can compete with Rinnai. Their products are powerful, long lasting, and the ideal solution for homeowners who need continuous hot water flow at the lowest cost possible.

Experts at Just Water Heaters developed this article to help our readers and potential customers to explore the Rinnai water boilers to experience engineering and craftsmanship at its best.

The different types of Rinnai condensing boilers

The Rinnai condensing E series

The E series is high efficiency and state of the art heating option that is perfect for replacing traditional, less efficient boilers. Designed to be flexible in installation, it can be used as a retrofit application to fulfill the hot water needs of small families.

The E series ‘combi’ models come with extra BTU heating inputs ranging from 75,000 and above 100, 000. The models in demand are the E50C, E75C, and E110C. The ‘combi’ feature of this series allows the owner to directly get hot water as well as heat for the central heating system and they are all Energy Star Approved and Ultra-efficient. That is why, with this particular boiler models, your home can never lack the supply of hot water.

The Q series

As a pacesetter in the hot water heating industry, Rinnai has proven their dedication to innovation in energy efficiency through the exceptional design of the Q series boilers. The company has taken the industry by storm by the introduction of this wall-mounted, condensing gas boilers with a stainless steel heat exchanger that offer maximum efficiency and convenience.

Moderate homes of 4 to 5 individuals can take advantage of the compatibility of the Rinnai Q series to always have access to hot water. The most preferred Q series combi models are the Q172C, Q175S, and the Q85S. They are the ideal product for Domestic Hot Water (DHW).

Other top products of the Rinnai model

The Rinnai RUR98IN

This is a must have tankless water heater for homeowners who wants a unit that can provide maximum efficiency. The unit is meticulously crafted with circulatory capabilities and thermal bypass technology that can minimize the time to access hot water.

The Rinnai V65EP

This environment-friendly unit that offers an endless supply of water comes with the most innovative design of them all. It is designed with a digital temperature control system that enables you to control the water temperature conveniently. It also comes with troubleshooting features that can enable you to dictate hard water and reduce internal calcification in the unit.

The Rinnai RL94EN

The RL94EN is an energy star qualified unit that is a perfect choice for larger families. You can conveniently use up to five plumbing outlets if this unit is installed in your home. With 9.4GPM capacity, this tankless comes with an enhanced scale detection and temperature lock function.

Other models of the Rinnai water heater include V65EN, V65IP, Q205S, etc. The Rinnai water heaters offer not only economical and convenient water heating but are friendly to the environment because of their variety of venting options and flexible installation process.

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