Rinnai Tankless Error Codes: How to Troubleshoot

It used to be a challenge diagnosing water heater issues in the good old days. The plumber may have to ask many questions in addition to test-running components of the unit before identifying the problem.

However, technological advancement has changed how water heater troubleshooting is done. Brands like Rinnai and others have developed self-diagnostic tools that provide specific codes which signify there is a problem with the unit. 

For Rinnai Tankless water heaters, the error codes are displayed at the front panel of the unit for both the owner and plumbing expert to diagnose and address issues easily. Therefore, to help homeowners understand the codes and how to determine what the problem is, plumbing experts at Just Water Heaters, have simplified some of the codes in this article. This will help homeowners and other water heater users know what the problem is before calling an expert for help.

Here are some of the popular Rinnai error codes and how to troubleshoot them.

Error code 02 – No burner operation during freeze protection mode.

The implication: this error code means that the water heater will not work during freeze protection mode. You can’t get it right with a DIY approach; the solution is to call an expert at Just Water Heaters for any type of water heater repair, installation and replacement service in your area.

Error Code 03 - power interruption during bath fill

This code might appear because of a sudden power outage or interruption. It could be resolved by pressing the on/off twice to reset the unit. However, if the unit continues to display the error message, call an expert for help.

Error Code 05: Bypass Servo

This occurs on water heaters with bypass valves. Nevertheless, correcting the error is quite simple. You may need to turn off the power supply to the water heater and turn it back on. Then fire up the unit by opening the water tap. This error code will disappear. If it persists, you will need a professional to replace the bypass valve

Error 07 – circulation flow rate error

This implies that the flow rate of the unit has dropped below 2.1 gpm. This problem comes from different sources; the water supply, the pressure, inlet into the filter or the heat exchanger you need to confirm that all these are working perfectly, or place a service call.

Error code 10 – exhaust or air supply blockage

With a good DIY approach, you can resolve this problem.

Check the venting materials and system to ensure there are no obstructions in the flue inlet and exhaust. Ensure that the venting components, whether they are properly connected. Most times, the problem arises from improper installation of the vent pipe

Error code 11: problem with the ignition

This means that there is no ignition or that it does not generate a spark. You may need to confirm that the gas supply is good. However, we recommend you call a professional right away because the problem could be more complex than you think.

Error Code 12: Flame failure

For this error code to come up, there might be a loose connection in the PC board, the gas solenoid valve, power supply, or flame rod. It good you get in touch with a professional for a solution.

There are many other error codes like:

  • Error code 13: combustion abnormality
  • Error code 14: Thermal fuse problems
  • Error code 16: Excessive temperature
  • Error code 19: Electric grounding fault

You are to consult experts at Just Water Heaters as fast as the above error codes appear at the screen. Our plumbing experts will arrive at your location within the shortest possible time.