Rinnai V65 Tankless Water Heaters Review and Buying Tips

The Rinnai V65 Tankless Water Heater is an ultra-compact unit that is a combination of comfort and efficiency. Rinnai water heating units allow users to save much energy and to get consistent, clean hot water at preset temperatures. It is an ideal water heater for your one to two and a half bedrooms home and also perfect for outdoor locations.

You will enjoy all the benefits from a natural gas water heater from Rinnai when you get this unit that delivers 6.5 gallons per minute (GPM) hot water in addition to helping you save precious floor space in your home.

It is easy to install, it functions efficiently, and it is a product that provides peace of mind to homeowners. If you need a professional installer for your Rinnai V65 Tankless Water Heaters, call experts at Just Water Heaters.

Important features of the Rinnai V65 Tankless Water Heaters

  • Factory temperature set to 120 F and Flexible settings 98 -140 F
  • Lightweight and very compatible
  • Direct electronic ignition
  • Designed to meet California and Texas NOx emission requirements
  • Maximum energy factor of 0.82 for both indoor and outdoor unit
  • A domestic hot water flow rate of 6.5 GPM
  • Maximum water supply pressure of 150 PSI
  • 10-year warranty when purchased from authorized dealers

If you’re considering a home improvement project or you want to explore the newest technology in water heaters and get more energy efficient solution, we recommend that you purchase the Rinnai V65 Tankless Water Heaters. The unit can help you save up to 20% of your homes energy costs as well as give you the freedom and convenience to have an endless supply of hot water.

Different models

There are different models in the Rinnai V65 Tankless Water Heater series, and interestingly they will deliver highly efficient and superior water heating to your home. All the models specified below can also be installed in mobile homes since they are also lightweight, and very compatible. 

  • Rinnai V65ip – powered by propane gas
  • Rinnai V65eP – powered by propane gas and designed for outdoor use
  • Rinnai V65iN – powered by natural gas
  • Rinnai V65En – also powered by natural gas

If you’re battling with space, the unit occupies small floor space and can easily be installed on the wall.

Other features that make it a preferred choice


With the maximum water flow of 6.5 gallons per minute, it is a perfect water heating unit for a family of 3 – 4 individuals. It could supply hot water to four applications at a time so you wouldn’t waste time waiting for someone to round up.

With its intelligent design, it delivers hot water fast while saving energy, space, and water.

Smart functionalities

With the remote control and Wi-Fi capabilities of the Rinnai V65 Tankless Water Heaters, you could control the temperature and monitor abuse (when you have kids in the house)

Troubleshooting of the unit is seamless because it is designed with a diagnostic system that displays error codes when there an issue with any internal component.

Optimum venting system

The indoor unit is designed with a venting system that flows vertically through the roof and horizontally through an exterior wall. However, there are multiple venting options that you can get from Rinnai products including optimum safety and performance.

To crown it all, the ease of installation makes it inexpensive, and Just Water Heaters offers bottom rates when it comes to offering water heater installation services.