Should I Buy a Gas Water Heater?

We all need hot water in our homes, and heating water has been found to be the largest energy consumption avenue in homes. Homeowners can choose between electric, gas or solar-powered electric heaters and each source of energy do have its own advantages, but gas water heaters are more reliable, save more costs, and provides a faster heating time than other options. Just Water Heaters can help deliver and install the most efficient and reliable gas water heaters to your home at affordable rates. 

What are the benefits of gas water heaters? 

The number one benefit of using a gas water heater is that it provides hot water faster. Researches has shown that gas water heater can deliver between 35 and 50% more hot water in an hour than electric water heaters, and for this reason, gas water heaters are more reliable and convenient for all household sizes. 

Gas water heaters will save you more operation costs. Higher costs of electricity make gas heaters more economical. It is believed that it costs 30% less to operate a gas water heater than electric water heaters.  

Quicker recovery rate is another benefit of gas water heater over electric water heaters. A gas water heater can recover up to 3 or 4 times better than an electric water heater, hence gas water heater will help you get more hot water from a smaller tank than electric water heater. 

Lower device costs and ability to get more hot water even when there is power outage, are other benefits of gas water heaters over electric water heaters. Though a gas water heater can cost few hundreds of dollars more than electric water heater, but higher efficiency electric water heaters are more expensive than gas water heaters. You will always enjoy continuous flow of hot water from gas water heater even when there is an electric power failure, unlike electric water heaters. 

Other considerations to take on gas water heaters

You need to consider the costly retrofit installations associated with a gas water heater, especially when your house is not fitted already with a gas line. Keep in mind that a gas water heater will require gas pipe lines and venting. If you have a gas line installed already, switching to a tankless water heater may still be costly because more power will be required to keep the tankless water heater working. 

The complex maintenance nature of a gas water heater is another consideration to make. There is a risk of explosion when dealing with gas, but don’t worry about this, Just Water Heaters will schedule maintenance service to keep the gas water heater safe. 

A gas water heater takes up more space than electric water heater. The typical gas water heater will require between 6 and 18 inches of space on all sides for adequate ventilation.  Safety considerations are very important for the use of gas water heaters, a gas mask for instance is important when handling gas water heater. 

For more information on installation of a gas water heater, contact Just Water Heaters as soon as possible.