Should I Install Water Heater Myself?

Should I Install Water Heater Myself?

While water heaters are meant to last 15-20 years, there will come a time when you’ll need to get your water heater replaced. Your water heater’s main purpose is to heat the water that runs through your home. If your water heater is at the end of its life, you’ll notice a lot of cold water coming from your pipes when you turned on the ‘hot’ nozzle, or you’ll notice that it takes extra long for your shower or sink to spit out warm water. If you think it’s time for water heater repair or water heater installation, Just Water Heaters is here to help!

Even if you’re a handy person who likes a lot of DIY projects and you can handle basic construction, installing a water heater is something not everyone knows how to do. If you’re thinking you can handle water heater installation on your own, we want you to ask yourself one thing – Do I really know how to do this?

Should You Install Your Water Heater Yourself?

We understand you are handy and can do basic plumbing jobs or construction projects, but installing or replacing your old water heater is just never a good idea. The team at Just Water Heaters is trained and skilled in this work, so no matter how many DIY projects you’ve done, you should always call a water heater company like Just Water Heaters.

Why can’t you do it yourself? There is too much at risk when it comes to your water heaters. Our team spends years in training and they know what to look out for, they have the proper tools and equipment, and they’ve performed water heater repair or water heater installation hundreds, if not thousands, of times before.

If you still think you can handle a big DIY project like water heater installation, consider these 3 things before you start the job:

3 reasons you shouldn’t install a water heater yourself:

1.  Safety & tools

The biggest reason you should install your water heater yourself is that you might not have the proper safety tools and equipment. The Just Water Heater team has exactly what your water heater installation needs, and we will install it in the safest manner possible.

2.  Knowledge & skill

While you may think you know how to install your water heater yourself, there may be some things you won’t pay attention to. Our team does a full inspection and installation and we ensure that everything is done properly and up to code. If we see something that can be a potential issue, we put in solutions to prevent things from happening.

3.  Errors can be made

When it comes to water heater installation, there is a risk of a lot of errors being made if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. By hiring a water heater company such as Just Water Heaters, here are some common errors you will avoid:

  • Buying the wrong size water heater
  • Putting it in the wrong location
  • Not having a plumbing permit
  • No drain pan
  • TPR valve and discharge tube errors

Are you looking for a water heater company for services like water heater repair or water heater installation? Don’t think you have to do it yourself – call Just Water Heaters today! We offer a wide variety of water heater services to ensure your water heater is always working properly.