Smart Water Heaters

A water heater is one of the most important parts of our lives because we use hot water for our daily chores such as bathing, washing, and cooking. With a smart water heater installation in Atlanta, you can pre-set your water heater temperature, at any time with just a push of the button. You can also control the time for heating, thus reducing the cost of energy. Just Water Heaters have remained at the forefront of smart water installation in Atlanta for a while, you can rely on our technical expertise to supply you with the right type of smart water heater to serve your household. 

Smart Water Heater Installation in Atlanta

How does the smart water heater work?

Smart water heater makes use of a smart thermostat which is one of the cool energy-saving features on the appliance. The smart water heater is connected to your smartphone or other portable devices over a Wi-Fi internet and with a free app you can download on the internet, you can then interact with the water heater, wherever you are at home or anywhere in the world. You can open the download app to shut down the water heater, adjust the temperature and even control the amount of water used at a time. 

Other features available on a smart water heater

The smart water heater comes with an in-built leak detection alert and this feature scans every component of the heating system. Once this feature detects a leak or any other fault, it will automatically send an alert to your smartphone for you to contact a professional plumber. Even a single drop of water as a result of leakages will be picked by the inbuilt leak detection. 

Smart Water Heater Repair in Atlanta

The benefits of smart water heaters

In addition to saving energy through smart control of its usage, smart water heater also promotes safety because the in-built defect detection will notify you as soon as a problem is detected. This will help you make a fast decision on contacting a certified smart water heater technician. Similarly, a smart water heater will save you money since energy rates differ from one part of the day to the other. You may choose to reduce energy usage during the peak hours and heat the water heater during the off-peak periods, depending on your household needs.

What size of smart water heater do you need for your home?

The size of the smart water heater you need for your home should depend largely on the size of your household. The more frequently you use hot water and the larger your household, the larger should be your size of smart water heater. You can as well add more smart water heaters as your household expands, and if you are unsure about what size to choose, please contact Just Water Heaters and we will inspect your situation before our smart water heater repair and installation in Atlanta technician recommends and install the ideal size of the appliance.  For more information on how you can get more from your smart water heater, please contact us at Just Water Heaters.