Tips for Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can create some frustrating conditions for homeowners, fortunately, Just Water Heaters offers certified and experienced technicians who understand the main causes of low water pressure and the appropriate solutions for such. Sediments and rusts that collect inside plumbing systems, have been found out to be the most prominent cause of low water pressure in homes. The following are some key solutions suggested by expert plumbers to tackle low water pressure;

Low hot water pressure problems

If cold water pressure is high and hot water pressure is low, then your water heater might have developed a problem. Make sure you check the shut-off valve to ensure that it is not partially closed. If the shut-off valve is fully open, then you need to remove sediments by draining the tank. In case you are unsure about handling this step please contact Just Water Heaters

You need to check the outlet and inlet to your water heater for likely installation fault. Sometimes 1/2” pipe is used by some plumbers as inlet or outlet to the water heater and this can cause a reduction in the pressure of water leaving the water heater. Please contact a professional water heater at Just Water Heaters to resolve this problem. 

Low water pressure in the entire house

If low water pressure is common in your neighborhood, you need to install a water pressure booster to increase the pressure between the main water line and the faucets. In case the problem is peculiar to your home alone, you should check whether a water pressure reducing valve is installed. Many water suppliers do set maximum water pressure for residential homes at 80 psi maximum. You may have to increase the water pressure setting if this water regulator has been installed in your home. 

In some cases, the problem might have resulted from the main water shut off valve from the supply line of the municipal water service provider. Make sure the valve is fully opened to ensure maximum supply of water to your home. Sometimes a leak in the water main may be the reason for low water pressure. Check the area around the water main for evidence of leaks. In some cases, the water company may repair the leak, otherwise, you must contact a certified plumber to fix it. Corrosion or rust inside a galvanized pipe can also lead to low water pressure. Make sure you check this. 

Other low water pressure issues

Low water pressure in the shower can be as a result of a faulty shower head especially when there is a clog in the spray holes. The use of a de-liming solution or soaking the showerhead in vinegar overnight can resolve this issue.

Low water pressure inside the sink may be caused by a mineral build up in the nozzle of the faucet. Most older homes with galvanized pipes do have regular low water pressure caused by faucet and sink. You will need a competent plumber to handle this issue. Just Water Heaters offers 100% reliable water heater repair services at affordable rates.