Water Heater Tank Leaking from Top

A leak at the top of the water heater tank may not be as popular as the leak from below but Just Water Heaters can fix both types of leaks. There are two main reasons your water heater tank is leaking from the top, these are;

Loosened pipe installation

When the inlet or outlet pipe connected to the water heater tank is leaking, then you will likely discover a pool of water around the water heater. Take a closer look, especially around the fittings, and you may just have to use a wrench to tighten the pipe if it has become loosened. If the pipe is burst, you may have to contact professional plumbers at Just Water Heaters for pipe replacement. Loosened pipe installations are perhaps the commonest reasons why there are leakages on top of the tank, especially when the tanks are still new. Older water heaters normally develop this problem as a result of corrosion and lack of maintenance services for a very long time. 

When the T&P valve (temperature and pressure valve) is not leaked-proof

When water is leaking down the side of your storage, all you may have to do is to drain the tank, until the water level is below the level of the valve. Then you can open the faucet to let some air into a container. You may have to cover the thread of the valve with a Teflon if there are no signs of corrosion in it. If there is a sign of corrosion inside the water heater, then it may have to be changed. For a more professional fixing of this problem please contact us at Just Water Heaters and our certified plumber will be on hand to help. 

Old water heaters usually have corrosion problems, especially at the top, that can cause leakages. Corrosion will occur when there is a faulty dielectric connection on the pipes and water heater container. If the water heater has advance corrosion all over the top of it, then you will need an expert plumber to check it out to evaluate the extent of the damage and how the problem can be dealt with. It should be noted that corrosion can spread quickly on top of a water heater, hence you must do everything possible to put a stop to it before the corrosion gets to the heater. Leakages on top of water heaters do begin gradually and they must be stopped before they affect other areas of the appliance. Corrosion is the commonest reason for leakages on top of old water heaters. 

Just Water Heaters offer 100% reliable hot water heater maintenance services

Regardless of the type of water heater you are using, you will surely require water heater repair services if you want to reduce or prevent the risks of water tank leaking from the top. we do offer maintenance services for all kinds of water heaters, whether gas, electric or tankless and we assure you of 100% reliable and durable replacement parts. Our services are cost effective and they come with a guaranty.