What Temperature Should Your Water Heater Be Set At?

What Temperature Should Your Water Heater Be Set At?

If you’re wondering what temperature to set your water heater to, you’ll want to consider your personal preferences. Ideally, you’ll want to keep the temperature low enough to conserve energy and high enough to keep bacteria away. When your water heater is initially set up, you’ll notice that it is set to 140 degrees fahrenheit. 140 degrees is the suggested temperature for your heater so that bacteria does not grow in the tank. However, the EPA recommends keeping your water heater closer to 120 degrees fahrenheit to help conserve energy and costs. If you’d like us to take a look at your water heater and make any adjustments or inspect it for proper temperature, give our team at Just Water Heaters a call or schedule online. We’ll get your water heater temperature to a safe and ideal setting.

How Can I Test My Water Temperature?

Are you wondering if your water heater is at the right temperature? You can test the temperature of your water. Allow your water heater to sit for an hour, untouched before checking for the temperature. Make sure to have a reliable thermometer handy like a candy or cooking thermometer and a heat proof cup. Once you are ready to check the temperature, go to the faucet and let the water run for about a minute to reach its highest temperature. Fill the cup up with the hot water and check the temperature. Your reading will be an estimate and not an exact measure. What reading did you get? Is your test close to what the water heater is set to?

Can Bacteria Grow in the Water Heater?

The water heater should be set between 120 degrees and 140 degrees fahrenheit. Anything less than 120 or above 140 can be dangerous. When the water heater is set too high, it can cause risk of burns while also driving up energy costs. What happens when the water heater is set too low? Well, bacteria can begin to grow and become a serious health risk. If you want to make sure your water heater is set to the ideal temperature and is working properly, give us a call to schedule an appointment with our talented team at Just Water Heaters. We’re glad to help!

What Happens if the Water Heater is Set Too Hot?

Setting your water heater above the suggested temperature can be seriously dangerous. Keeping your water heater temperature a little below 140 degrees can help to prevent scalding heat from burning your skin. Keeping the temperature above 140 degrees is particularly dangerous for young kids and the elderly. People with poor circulation can be severely burnt without knowing it. If you’d like for us to come out and check your water heater for the right settings or you’d like to get a new one installed, get in touch with us at Just Water Heaters. Our team is committed to quality service and the safety of our customers. Don’t delay, get your water heater settings right today!